As an amateur writer who just loves to share my memories, I started a journal years ago on our life in West Virginia. Coming across it one day in my files, I began writing a book of our trials. I was lucky to have Nishoni Harvey to proofread and edit my work. She also trained me on how to find punctuation and grammar errors so I could present a more enjoyable story.

Molly Burkhart Leoma, Tennessee

Nishoni is a talented writer, excellent communicator, and one of the overall best talents I have come across... Nishoni is an asset for anyone who has the privilege to work with her.


Mario Kansas City, Missouri

Nishoni is an engaging storyteller. She has a wonderful work ethic and is kind, yet direct, in her assessment of the written word. If ever you've wished to share your creativity, the door is now open. Step through and become the best author you can be.

Lisa Lewis Lakeland, Florida

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Get notified when Author Trainings become available!

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