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Just Kick Back and Chill-Lax!

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

By Nishoni Harvey

I have a hard time sitting back to relax. As the mother of four (all of which I homeschool, by the way), I hardly have time for myself. I'm so used to being busy that I don't think I know how to sit still anymore! How about you? How about in your writing?

Sometimes, we're too busy too even realize we're busy... Chill-lax!

​Times to Press On

Yes, there are times in our writing that we must press on and meet a deadline. There are times when stopping would be the difference between failure and success. For instance, if I stop in the midst of an action scene or in the middle of a demonstration (yes, I write in both the fiction AND non-fiction genre), I'm done with. I have to start all over.

Other people, if they stop at certain points low points in their lives, for instance, they'll never start writing again.

There are also other times that we must press on.

​When You're Tired

However, there are times we much just kick back and chill-lax too! When you start to get tired, even though you have a deadline, it's time to stop and take a nap. Why? Not only are you much more productive when you're wide awake, but you're more apt to make mistakes that must be fixed when you're "half asleep."

When You Have Writer's Block

When you have "Writer's Block" and just can't figure out what to write next, it's time to take a break and come back later. Not only will it give you a fresh perspective, but it'll give you a more open and refreshed mind that's pumped and raring to go.

When You're Ready to Edit

Lastly, when you're ready to do the last edit on your manuscript, set it down and come back another day. "ANOTHER DAY?!" Yes, another day. You need your eyes to be fresh before you look at it again. You need to be able to see it through eyes that haven't just read it for the third time in a row.

There are other reasons to slow down and some to even just chill a bit. In the meantime--until those times come calling, just write. Enjoy your writing time! If you need help, remember, I'm here, just a message away. Au revoir!

Coming second only to God, mothering her four children and “wifing” are Nishoni’s true loves.

Writing pulls up close behind. Having written since she was just a little tyke, she has a file full of stories that she wrote as a first and second grader and beyond, which she hopes to turn into children's books.

As of today, she has authored one novella, one novel, and seven non-fiction books, written chapters in two other books, and published several articles, and blogs.

Nishoni Harvey owns Authors Aflame and is the Authority Author Mentor behind it all. She’d love to help you write your book and answer any questions you may have!


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