• Nishoni Harvey

How Do You Write with Emotion?

By Nishoni Harvey

There's an art to creating a scene that will grip your readers emotionally, yet it's not really that difficult. For some people, it comes naturally. For others, it takes practice. Here are a few pointers to making it happen.

✏️ Before you begin writing the scene, figure out what about it will make your readers care about it. You can start with the reason you care.

✏️ Maybe move from there onto the reason your characters care. If you and your characters aren't emotionally invested in the scene, your reader won't be either.

✏️ Pick something you can get emotional over. Again, I'm just going to reiterate here that if you don't have emotion tied up in the scene, neither will your readers. If you choose something that tickles the emotional center of your brain, that will make your job much simpler.

✏️ We've talked about this one a lot, and we'll talk about it a lot more because of the importance of it. SHOW. DON'T TELL.

Don't tell me that "Suzie felt down and depressed after her encounter with John." Show me the scene.

✏️ Don't show too much, though. If it's not necessary, don't write about it. Keep the words to a minimum. One way to lose a reader is to have too much irrelevant information in your scene.

✏️ Lastly, in light of the last point, don't draw out the dialogue. Having discussion between your characters is fine but keep it to a minimum.

For one, it's too easy to fall into the trap of telling instead of showing when there's too much dialogue.

Secondly, dialogue tends to slow down a scene. Since there won't be much of it, make the dialogue that you do have count.

Skip the small talk. Get right to the meat of the conversation.

That’s it!

Now, since you’ve mastered writing a scene with emotion, write another and another until you’ve written your entire book with emotion.

An emotionally charged book will grip your readers and keep them wanting more.

Keep writing!

Coming second only to God, mothering her four children and “wifing” are Nishoni’s true loves.

Writing pulls up close behind. Having written since she was just a little tyke, she has a file full of stories that she wrote as a first and second grader and beyond, which she hopes to turn into children's books.

As of today, she has authored one novella, one novel, and seven non-fiction books, written chapters in two other books, and published several articles, and blogs. Nishoni Harvey owns Authors Aflame and is the Authority Author Mentor behind it all. She’d love to help you write your book and answer any questions you may have!

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