• Nishoni Harvey

How Do You Get Motivated?

By Nishoni Harvey

What’s Your Motivation?

What motivated you to start writing? Do you remember what it was? Was it friends and family cheering you on? Did you start writing to bring a smile to the face of a child? Was it to make you feel good about yourself or because you enjoyed it?

Is it still the same? Do you still have a “motivation?” Or do you write merely because you always have? You can’t have a “was-motivation.” You must have a “now-motivation.” Why?

Why Does Your Motivation Matter?

If your motivation is wrong, then, when it gets hard to write, it’ll get put on the backburner, or you may quit writing altogether. What happens if you don’t have a good “now-motivation” and something happens that changes you or your family’s for life?

What if your husband has a heart attack? What if your wife has a stroke and you suddenly become a caretaker? What if you have to take on another job? What if your world suddenly gets busier?

Some people will never finish their book because, they didn’t just put their book on the backburner, they took it off the stove altogether! At least if they put it on the backburner and never turn the fire back up again, it’s slowly simmering and will eventually get done—though it may take years to finish.

Others quit because they get depressed or just because they “don’t feel like writing” anymore.

If you don’t have a “now-motivation” that’s put in the right place, you may be one of those to never finish your book.

How Do You Find Your Motivation?

Don’t write only because someone said you should.

Don’t let anyone talk you into writing.

You need to find your own motivation. If your only motivation is, “I’m writing this because [so and so] wants me too,” you have the wrong motivation! Instead, dig deep within yourself. Find a “motivation” for yourself.

Some ideas are:

🌟 Write for yourself — Writing because you like too or because you just need to get your story out is good motivation. It’s not the best motivation, since we tend to put ourselves in the background so easily. If it comes down to it, we may quit on our book or even let ourselves stop writing altogether if it just hinges on “us.”

🌟 You can write specifically for someone else — Write children’s books for your children or grandchildren. Write for all the children of the world in the name of the child you would have had if you could.

🌟 Some people write their books as a memoir to a loved one that has passed on.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

How do you make sure your “now-motivation” doesn’t become your “was-motivation”?

Be on a constant watch. While you have it on your mind, take the time right now and write down who or what your motivation is. Date it. Put it somewhere in plain sight.

Ask yourself often, “Is this still true?” If not, dig deep and find your new motivation. Keep your note current.

What's the Best Motivation?

Helping your readers is the greatest motivation you can have.

What do you mean, Nishoni? How do I help my readers?

Through Your Characters

Your characters have a story to tell. Your characters, when well-built, have a purpose — to inspire and bless your readers.

🌟 “Jenni-Lyn” may struggle through a childhood smothered with Leukemia. She might bring hope to your readers as she battles through her ups and downs. She won’t always be strong. She’s human. But maybe, even through the pain, she chooses ultimately to trust in God’s amazing grace and rest in His sweet peace.

🌟 Maybe “Rob” has lived in a life of luxury from infanthood and knows nothing else. Maybe he gets heavy into drugs and ends up losing everything. Now, he can touch your readers as they travel the long road from addiction to freedom with him. He’s going to have struggles — struggles they can relate to. He may stumble here and there. He might even fall, but his fortitude to always get back up and to eventually gain that freedom will inspire readers and touch hearts.

Through Your Story

You have a story to tell. Everyone does. You can inspire others and bring them hope with your life-story. Weave it into your book. Have your characters live it or pieces of it. If you’re writing a non-fiction, you can still use your story and your experiences to help others.

God has given you a gift to use. Our gifts are given to us so we can help and bless others and ultimately bring people to Him.

Not only will your writing inspire them but knowing you’re an inspiration or sower of hope will inspire and motivate you to keep on writing.

What inspires and motivates you?

Coming second only to God, mothering her four children and “wifing” are Nishoni’s true loves.

Writing pulls up close behind. Having written since she was just a little tyke, she has a file full of stories that she wrote as a first and second grader and beyond, which she hopes to turn into children's books.

As of today, she has authored one novella, one novel, and seven non-fiction books, written chapters in two other books, and published several articles, and blogs. She owns Authors Aflame and is the Authority Author Mentor behind it all. She’d love to help you write your book and answer any questions you may have!

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