• Nishoni Harvey

Is Your Writing Space Efficient?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

By Nishoni Harvey

Your Setting

Where do you do your writing? Do you sit outside on your patio? Do you sit inside at the kitchen table? Is your spot peaceful or noisy? Is it empty of distraction, or are there people walking through trying to talk to you every few minutes? Do you write in the same place every time, or does your writing station move around?

All of these things are important. They each have an impact on your focus and on the efficiency and quality of your work.

How do we create an efficient writing space?

🗁 Choose a spot for your writing space that you actually want to be. Don’t hide away in a corner in the unfinished basement... unless you happen to like cold, damp places. I, personally, dislike dark corners and spooky basements. *Shiver*

🗁 Make sure your spot is semi-private and semi-quiet. You can’t concentrate with foot traffic and, “Mom, Mom,” or, “Honey, where’s the screwdriver?” going on.

🗁 Try to choose a spot near a window. Natural sunlight is more relaxing, and being able to see outside usually leads to creativity. If you can’t sit near a window, change out your fluorescent bulbs for full-spectrum lightbulbs. These create a light that is closer to natural sunlight.

🗁 Choose a table or desk that’s large enough for you to comfortably fit all your things. You don’t want to feel cramped and uncomfortable. This is not conducive to focus.

🗁 Make it yours. You want your writing space to feel like your space. Add your photos, trinkets, or favorite thumbtacks. You would in your office outside the home. What’s the difference?

🗁 Keep it simple. You don’t want a cluttered mess. Don’t over-stuff it with your things. This point leads to the next.

🗁 Keep your area clean and organized. Not only is seeing things out of place and “wanting” to fix them distracting, but disorder is scientifically proven to have a psychological effect on you as well. It causes your brain to be unfocused and scattered.

🗁 Make sure all your writing tools, water bottle, healthy snacks, and anything else you’ll need during your scheduled work time is within arm’s reach. If you have to leave your area to go and grab something you need, it breaks your concentration. It’s difficult, then, to get your focus back.

🗁 Make your seating area comfortable enough, but not so comfortable you fall asleep.

🗁 One thing that will keep you from falling asleep➡️ When you make the area yours,

use items that inspire you. Doing this will keep your creative juices flowing.

Your To-Do

Your assignment for today:

Create yourself a writing space that will be as effective on spawning efficiency as it is efficient.

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