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Topic Choices that Gain Readers!

Updated: Jul 10, 2019


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Are you beginning a new book? Searching for the topic for a new blog post? Needing to write an article for your website? Whatever your reason, the question is always the same — "What do I write on?"

We always want that perfect topic, the topic that will draw people in. We don't want our book, blog, or article to sit and gather dust. So, the real question becomes, "What will people read?" Here are some ways of figuring out.


💥Study the Publishing Houses—What topics are they publishing?

💥(For bloggers and article writers) Study the Blogs—What are the top bloggers in your niche writing? What blogs are registering at the top of your Google searches?

Sometimes, these will have “like” counters. All of them have “share” buttons, and many of those buttons have counts beside them to tell you how many times that blog was shared. Every blog will show you how many comments there are. All of this information will tell you how well this blog post performed and, therefore, whether this is a good topic to write on.

💥Study the Market—What’s selling well?

💥Study the Websites—There are many websites out there that list the topic that people are reading.

Here are a few:

- https://www.listchallenges.com/books-people-are-reading-right-now

- https://www.librarything.com/groups/whatareyoureadingno

- https://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/to-read-right-now

💥Join “Reader’s” Groups on Facebook

💥Follow “Reader’s” Facebook Pages, Twitter Feeds, Pinterest Posts, etc.

Keep a list of ideas you come up with throughout the weeks--even if you don't use them right away. THey'll come in handy when you can't come up with one in the future.


Now for your assignment:

Research each of these places. List three topics that are popular with readers. Choose one to write on. Begin your book, article, or blog post.

💥💥Do you have other ideas of where to look for finding out what people are reading? Share them below!

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