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✏️ Author Coaching ($297/month)

* Includes 4 one-hour coaching sessions a month plus unlimited text or message coaching

✏️ Publication & Marketing Consultation

✏️ Author Polishing

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FREE Author Training


Do you like free? I do! Here's your chance to get something for nothing! Here's a chance to advance in what you love to do without the rigamarole of figuring out the financing. 


In FREE Author Training, we cover the in and outs of authoring, the tools of the trade, and what we need to succeed. We talk about things like:

📜 This One Secret That Will Win You More Writers


📜 How to Prioritize Your Schedule


📜 and, Become a More Productive Writer in Three Easy Steps

Author Study Course


This course is a do-it-yourself course. It's all online, and it's at your own pace. Still under construction, it includes information you need to know to get going on your book. Once it's completed, it will encompass every area of book-writing, publishing, marketing, and more. We also plan to eventually include other topics. Out of the following, those we have lessons available in are highlighted in orange:

🕮 Grammar and Composition


🕮 How to Mind Map and Build an Outline


🕮 How to Research


🕮 How to Write a Book


🕮 How to Get Published


🕮 How to Self-Edit/Work with an Editor


🕮 How to Market Your Books


🕮 How to Write a Blog


🕮 How to Write an Article


🎥 We will also have video courses available on writing books shortly.


Group Coaching and Author Coaching


Coaching is one of the most powerful resources if you want to succeed.


Sports stars, actors and successful business owners have known this for a long time. No one makes it to the top alone. People who reach the top all use coaches.


It is for this reason we provide coaching services. It is coaching that got me to where I am today, and now I want to help you do the same.


Coaching is available via Skype. Group Coaching is provided via a one-hour call four times a month, and Personal Coaching is provided in four one-hour sessions. They give you an extra umph in your step, offer some instruction, and ensure you stay on track. Of course, we can adjust this time frame to suit your budget, goals and available time.


One-on-One Author Coaching also comes with unlimited texting and messaging support with your coach.


** "Book a FREE Consultation" to discuss our availability and the best options for you.


Publication & Marketing Consultation

Submitting to an Agent/ Submitting to a Publisher / Self-Publishing/

Formatting/ Publishing to Kindle

So you've finished your manuscript and gotten it edited and polished. Now what? Now, we make you an author--an honest to goodness, holding a published book in your hand, author! 

Do you want to publish to the printed page? Kindle? Smashwords? What's your goal? Do you want to find a traditional publisher or self-publish? Do you know how? What are the steps, anyway?

Not only will I teach you how, but I'll do it with you! Now, now, listen up! I did NOT say I'd do it "for" you. Big difference! I'll do it "with" you. Why? If I do it with you, you'll know how to do it next time--when you publish your second book, your third book, and your fourth!

Of course, I'll be here should you need me again, but you'll have the know-how! If you decide to publish in another way the next time around, I'll be here to do that with you too. Just let me know. You'll have my number and email. You can drop me a line or give me a call. You'll be on my VIP list! I'm here for you!

With this program:

🕮 We will format your book for you.

🕮 We will design your cover for you.

🕮 We will walk you through the publication process, either traditionally or through self-publication--your choice.

🕮 We will teach you how to choose keywords that will make your book a best-seller.

🕮 We will teach you how to pick a category that will put your book in the running for best-seller status.

🕮 We will teach you how to publish on Amazon.

🕮 We will teach you how to market yourself and your book.



Author Polishing


Do you want to hit that best-seller's list? Do you want credentials behind your name to promote your business? Do you want to influence and impact the world?

During your Author Polishing course, your Authority Author Mentor will work through your manuscript WITH you line by line and chapter by chapter while you're writing it. She'll point out what you're doing great and what you could be doing better, and she'll explain the how-tos and whys! You'll get one-on-one instruction and become a more polished writer because of it. By the end of this course:

✏️ You’ll understand “your story.”

✏️ You’ll know how to tell your story effectively.

✏️ You'll know how to weave that story into your book.

✏️ You'll develop a book with a life-altering message.

✏️ Your manuscript will be edited, polished, and formatted for you.

✏️ If you follow the Authority Author Method, you'll become a published author.

✏️ You'll be able to advertise your book or novel and know how to monetize it.

Do you want more information on the Author Polishing Course? Schedule your FREE Consultation!

Get notified when Author Trainings become available!

Get notified when Author Trainings become available!

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