Author Polishing

Do you want to hit that best-seller's list? Do you want creditials behind your name to promote your business? Do you want to influence and impact the world?

During your Author Polishing course, your Authority Author Mentor will work through your manuscript WITH you line by line and chapter by chapter while you're writing it. She'll point out what you're doing great and what you could be doing better, and she'll explain the how-tos and whys! You'll get one-on-one instruction and become a more polished writer because of it. By the end of this course:

     ⭐️ You’ll understand “your story.”

     ⭐️ You’ll know how to tell your story effectively.

     ⭐️ You'll know how to weave that story into your book.

     ⭐️ You'll develop a book with a life-altering message.

     ⭐️ You will complete a polished manuscript

     ⭐️ I will line edit and developmentally edit your novel.

     ⭐️ If you follow the Authority Author Method, you'll become a published author.

     ⭐️ You'll be able to advertise your book or novel and know how to monetize it.

Book your strategy session now and start your Authority Author journey now!

Get notified when Author Trainings become available!

Get notified when Author Trainings become available!

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