Authors Aflame was born out of Nishoni Harvey's desire to help other authors realize their potential to influence and impact the world through "their story."


She desires to share her many years of experience in writing, editing, and being published with you as you strive to make your dreams a reality.


You have a story inside of you. Authors Aflame will help you to draw that out and put in down on paper. We will work with you one-on-one too, not only polish your book but also polish you as an author. We'll teach you to write, proofread and edit your own books, get them published, and how to market them through our done for you/done with you program.


Nishoni Harvey has been writing since she was a little tyke. She has a file full of stories that she wrote as a first and second grader and beyond, which she hopes to turn into children's books.


As of today, she has authored one novella, one novel, and six non-fiction books, written chapters in two other books, and published several articles, blogs, and poems.


She looks forward to working with you one-on-one as your Authority Author Mentor.


Learn how you can work with Authors Aflame as you write your book and get it edited, polished, and published!


Your free consultation awaits you!


Nishoni Harvey

• Authored 8 published books

• Bachelor's of Science degree in teaching High School English 

• Graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature course

• Graduate of Institute for Writer's course, "Writing, Shaping. and Selling Your Novel"

• Member of the Long Ridge Writer's Group

• Blogger

• Ghostwriter

• Editor and Proofreader

Get notified when Author Trainings become available!

Get notified when Author Trainings become available!

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